BIOGROWTH NE/O | Nutrient Enhancer

Product Details:

BIOGROWTH NE/O is a natural broad spectrum plant nutrient enhancer with a wide application window on nearly all important agricultural crops with very robust proven activities and consistent yield responses when used at the correct rates, timing and application methods. It is biologically active in the plant, improving plant respiration in the mitochondria. The net result is enhanced internal movement of nutrients and hormones, increasing growth and yield.

Competitive Advantage – Comparable Performance

  • Plant active, is highly concentrated with very high unit activity.
  • No known fertilizer pH compatibility issues
  • Does not require any special handling procedures or equipment
  • Can be formulated into both dry and liquid fertilizers
  • This technology has application potential across all crop types, cropping systems, climate and soil types
  • Environmentally-safe, non-disruptive and exceptionally suited to all application methods

Improves the efficiency and utilization of all crop nutrients, not just one or two

Product Benefits:

  • New Organic Formulation
  • Stronger Root Development
  • Higher Chlorophyll Density
  • More Efficient Uptake and Utilization of Nutrients

BioGrowth NE/O

  • Does not change the genes
  • Does have an effect on how plant genes function within the plant
  • Sends a message to the plant to use its genetic code and resources in a different manner
    • For improved growth
    • For better nutrient uptake and movement
    • For improved plant response to stress


FIELD TRIALS (Conventional vs. Organic Formulations)

(Trial testing by David Holden of Holden Research & Consulting in Oxnard, CA)

Pepper Trials (Bell) – 3 Foliar Applications               

Treatment Rate (oz/ac) Boxes per Acre (11 lb)
UTC 6,352
BioGrowth NE 8 8,184
BioGrowth NE/O 8 8,028

Broccoli Trials – 2 Soil Applications

Treatment Rate (oz/ac) Yield (% of UTC)
BioGrowth NE 8 103
BioGrowth NE/O 8 106

GREENHOUSE TRIALS (Conventional vs. Organic Formulations)

Corn Trial

Treatment Rate (oz/ac) Emergence (%) Root Length (cm)
UTC 89 31.3 b
BioGrowth NE 8 93 35.2 a
BioGrowth NE/O 8 93 33.4 a

Corn Trial *Rate: 8 oz/acre
(Soil Application at Planting)

Treatment Root Length (cm)
UTC 18.3 b
BioGrowth NE 20.9 a
BioGrowth NE/O 20.1 a

Application Programs

Application Rate:

  • 8 to 12 ounces per acre use rate, per application (Check label for specific rates)


Registration OMRI Listed
Contains Complex Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acids
Formulation Liquid
Package Size 1 Gallon Jug (4 x 1 Case)

Label Information:

Active Ingredient:
Complex Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acids – 0.18%
Other Ingredients – 99.82%
Total – 100.00%

State Registration

New Jersey
New York